Saturday, September 22, 2018


6 months

is still new for me
to be able to blend with the environment here

however, it is quite exciting and joyful to be here
as lots of things has happened throughout these days.

with no family and friends here,
i found unfamiliar faces who was so kind and treat me as their family.
they were so helpful, kind and loving.

i learned to be independent here,
with only hope with the ONE
He never leave me behind when nobody with me.

i learned to appreciate this life more,
there were so many poor people here,
learned to be grateful with what we have and dont hesitate to give and share with people from what we have.

i learned new language  and culture here
as they were made up from various ethnicity
but it does not dividing them up though they are different

may Allah keep giving me strength to be able staying here
to be able to give benefit people around here
to be able to search the true definition of life
to be able gain more experience

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