Saturday, September 22, 2018

Its begin!

Yeay! Unofficially i turned 25 years old this year. Im getting old and time flies very fast without I realized it. Many things happened in my life throughout these past years. Undoubtedly, I quite busy with study  and the idea for writing did not pop out in my mind previously. So,, here I am!

Alhamdulillah, after so many things happened in my life, I do realize that Allah is the best planner.
We plan and Allah plans but keep in mind that Allah is the best planner.

1) Graduation day
I just dont know how to express my feelings cause only Allah knows how do I feel. Its not that I dont thank people for what i have achieved ( coz i dont post any status in regards to this ). I thanked so much to them especially my parents, lecturers, friends and patients for their dua and help. May Allah rewards for all their kindness for helping me. Its just that Im not willing to hurt someone's heart or made them feel uncomfortable. I love them so much and I really want them be with us during that day. But Allah knows better. Its just about the matter of time and soon everyone will  reach the end. Perhaps Allah prepared something better for those who keep in faith with His promise.

Terima kasih mak n ayah for everything you've done for me. May Allah grant you the highest jannah for raising me all this while. 

infinite thank you girlss! ( x cukup korum ni...)

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