Friday, November 28, 2014

saat lafaz sakinah

sometimes we feel so excited to change our status, to be with someone else that we love, to have a baby and many things,,,

that's how we feel,,,,

but how do our parents feel??

"tanya sama hati apa sebab sayang,, "....
lately, my father kept singing the same song everytime i called him. i asked why??

then he replied: "ayah,kadang2 trtanya dlam hati ,ayah sayang kat anak2 ayah,tp ayah x tahulah apa yang anak2 ayah rasa,,"

yes,indeed the statement really touched me,,,

i love u ayah ,, i love u emak,,i am really love you,,( i can only answered in my heart)

ok done with the conversation today,,

back to 23th november ago,,i got new bro-in-law.

insyaAllah,,i always pray for the happinness of all my brother n sister. may Allah bless your marriage,,,

my new bro-in-law,,plis take care of my sister, plis accept all the lacking in her ( no one is perfect as we know) and plis guide her to jannah n Allah's love.

my sis, you already changed your status, your jannah is not longer under mother's feet , so plis obey your husbang as long as not against the deen, plis love him for Allah's seek  n never forget mak n ayah,

for me,,may i become anak solehah to mak n ayah . i will do my very best to them. iAllah,,,may Allah ease everything....

barakallahulakuma emy & al hafiz

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