Friday, May 3, 2013


new??whats new all about,,?well,evryone wants a NEW car, NEW house, NEW fren, NEW baju krung or bju melayu and many more that we want a NEW one. BUT have we  reNEW  our intention evryday?? yeah sometimes we want something we use rarely to be new but our intention that we use daily we forgot to be renew,,. 
so , lets start off our day with a new niat or azam . 

lets doing something lillahi taala !!chaiyokkk!! 

lets make it!! today is better that ysterday and tomorrow is better than today,,,:-)

 ,,,,,and ,,,dis semester is better than the past,,n next year is better than dis year ,,insyaAllah,,,

 so ,,,we have a NEW,,,,ATIQAH,,,,yeah!!! doN'T delay ur work any more!!la taajil!!! go atiqah!!!
focus on ur dream n focus on ur aim n focus on ur final thats it the final of ur way,,,HEREAFTER

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